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Dick Whittington
Oldham Coliseum
On until 13th of January 2018

I really do love the pantos at the Oldham Coliseum and I look forward to it every year.
Their pantomine is panto in the old sense of the word with jokes, songs, dancing, a leggy principle boy and a beautiful love interest. Not to mention a glittering fairy, a crazy dame, a stupid fall guy and a really bad baddie.  Then throw into the mix excellent dancers,   good costumes, Band, lighting and sound engineering and you have got yourself  a winning panto     
At Oldham this year's production is up to par on all these elements and, with excellent audience participation, the evening goes so quickly and all too soon it is over for another year, and we left into the snowy, sleety night  thinking about Cinderella for next year.
Last year we were at first disappointed that Fine Time Fontayne had a broken ankle and was not in the production but  his role of dame was played instead by Simeon Truby to great acclaim. However this year Fine Time is back in cracking form as Saucy Sarah Suet and Simeon Truby gives a show stealing performance as a biker King Rat. I thought his performance was brilliant, as was Miley Rose as Tom the cat, who brought such physicality and elegance of movement to the role.
All the cast play their roles in fine style  - Nina Shadi is Dick Whittington (Fine pair of Legs. Show 'em off,show 'em off), Shorelle Hepkin is a winsome Alice Fitzwarren, Ralph Birtwell is Sir Ivo Fitzwarren  and  Liz Carney plays  three roles with aplomb each of which are totally different . Richard Fletcher gives his  pratfalling  and audience whipping best for another year. Last but definitely not least are the dancers who have a lot to do this year both as servants and as rats.
Get yourself down the Coliseum for a great night out, full of laughter and fun before the run ends in mid January
©Brenda Kean