Sweet Charity
Royal Exchange Theatre
On until the 28th of January

One of the show's songs "All I can say is WOW just look at where I am" totally sums up this performance. What a great show the Royal Exchange's Christmas offering Neil Simon's Sweet Charity is. It is the ideal way to get into the party spirit with a bang. It is full of great songs and the dancing is sexy, breathtaking, full on, high octane and marvellous.

Set in the 1960s, the time of immense changes such as the Vietnam War, the Hippie phenomenon and the start of the Women's Liberation movement, the show sparkles with life, energy, heartache and hope. The music and songs are so familiar and part of our psyche now including the immortal Hey Big Spender.

Charity  Hope Valentine ( Kaisa Hammarlund)  works as a Dance hostess or Taxi Dancer which  are now a thing of the past, and they were essentially thinly disguised prostitutes. She dreams of getting married and leaving this life behind her. She is the eternal optimist about falling in love

It is a large cast with an orchestra on stage and with most of the actors new to the Royal Exchange. Everyone in the show is both talented and stunningly beautiful to look at with the exception of one character whose talent is comic delivery and timing.

The costumes capture the 60s perfectly and although it takes a little while to tune into the  New York Accent you will be blown away by the pace and energy of the show. It is by turns funny and touching and the evening is over far too quickly.

I urge you to get your tickets immediately. It will be a memorable life affirming experience and another triumph for the Royal Exchange Theatre